To all experienced dog owners..HELP

I would prefer if there no negative comments and would like some constructive advice please. 4 years ago I got a siberian husky rescue dog. She is now 10years old, the year after we got her we got a new puppy who is now 3 years old. For a long time our husky was the dominant female then after maybe a year then started to have the odd fight. These fights are scary though they do appear to be a lot of noise. Both females are spayed. So anyway, we have always been very strict in how we managed this behaviour and stopped giving treats or bones around eachother, they had regular walks and are very well looked after, most of the time they play and are the best of friends. However, this week they had a fight rather out of the blue after having nothing for 8months, now there is a tension in the air and I know in probably contributing to it as it's made me quite nervous and scared due to the fact I am 39 weeks pregnant. My dogs will come on walks with the baby etc and will never be left unattended or in the same room as the baby btw I am cautious and safe. However, I understand this will upset their routine more and I'm even more afraid that they will turn on eachother further. I feel so guilty they're both wonderful dogs and amazingly behaved when alone etc. I don't want to rehome them as it's not something I agree with and my partner is so against that also I just don't know what to do, we've always been great at managing them and went so long with nothing but now I'm just so panicked and crying all the time just for fear they'll turn on eachother and I'll be home alone with the baby and I won't get them apart in time or something..has anyone experienced this or worked through it?