1) Do not take a test until the day of your expected period. I know the two week wait is hard, but the results will be much more accurate if you just chill out and wait.

2) If you have irregular periods, take a test 30 days after the first day of your last period...implantation should have occurred by then. If it's negative and you'd like a more accurate reading, go get a blood test at a clinic.

3) The women on Glow DO NOT know if you "could be" pregnant. There is always a chance.

4) If you'd like to see what other women have experienced as symptoms, just ask. "What were your symptoms the month you got your BFP?" Something like that.

Just wait to test like everyone else!!!! There are so many of these posts asking if we think you could be pregnant based on your symptoms. WE HAVE NO IDEA. Even if a woman says, "yes, it sounds like you're pregnant" you still have to wait to test!

Just pee on the stick. We can't help you find out.