How did you and your SO meet?

Mrs. C❤

Pretty simple question I guess but the stories are always so different. So I wanna know :)

Me and my love (together for 1 year) met on a dating app. Sounds so crazy when I think back... I always tell people it was love at first sight but to be honest I knew I loved him about a week and a half after we started talking. He lived 3 hours away but started looking for a place near me so we didn't "rush things." So much for that! We met on a Thursday night and immediately knew what we wanted. He went home on Saturday, quit his job on Monday and has been here since 3 hours later :)

I know my family and friends must've thought I had lost my mind but I wouldn't change a thing!

So tell me your story and maybe post a pic! I know I posted a lost of pics but I couldn't choose just one. I hope one day I have a son who looks just like this amazing man! Maybe this month will be the month :)