Muscle weakness and leg cramps

I'm 9w3d and just came back from a long and grueling business trip to Europe last night. The trip was intense and the days/nights were long, but my colleagues don't know I'm pregnant yet, so I did my best to keep up, despite the nausea etc. anyway, the flight home was HORRIBLE. 12 hours, stuck in a middle seat, and I just couldn't get comfortable. I was too hot, then I was too cold, my back hurt, my legs were cramping, then I started throwing up again... Basically, I tried to pace the aisles for a good 6 hours of the flight. By the time I landed, I was a wreck, with horrible cramps, in my abdomen, legs and lower back. No bleeding, but I feel super fragile today and I'm quite worried. My legs also still hurt quite a lot. Anyone have experience with muscle fatigue and severe acheyness at this stage? Thanks!