Name's starting with P

Jocelyn💋 • Have a wonderful life that I have to thank the Lord for❤️ have a son and expecting baby girl🌹
My name is Jocelyn, I have a son who's name is Jace Glynn. My fiancé and I are expecting, have no idea what we are having but I like to have names already pick out because I'm weird like that lol. My fiance's name is Pedro. We are wanting a P name this time. For a girl we are set with Paisley. For a boy we like Pacen. 
Pacen because it's some what close to our sons name. But I would love some suggestions. I'm white and he is Hispanic so both suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
Also if you have a middle name that sounds good with Pacen I would love to hear it! Thanks in advance!!