1st baby, 1st miscarriage

I'm currently going through my first MC. I went to the dr last Thursday at 8w 6d for my first ultrasound. I had some bleeding the week before but no cramping and I was told it was normal and not to worry. I just had a feeling that wasn't the case. When I got to the dr thurs, I felt a hush of blood and a clot as I was walking from the parking lot. I immediately knew what the outcome of my ultrasound would be. Sure enough, they couldn't find anything on the ultrasound, just a lot of blood in there. I've been bleeding and cramping since that day. Just curious when I can expect this all to end so that I can start trying again. Also curious as to how I'm supposed to know if it's stillC bleeding or AF showing up (I have PCOS so I normally don't have AF on my own anyways). Prayers for all of you going through this.