Cultural Differences

Pamela • Just trying to figure out this thing called life :)
Anyone in a relationship with someone that out of your ethnic group? How do you deal with the cultural differences or religious differences? Are they open to it? Like do they find it interesting and want to learn more about it? Or are they closed minded and don't want anything to do with it? 
I'm Asian and I'm dating a white guy. We've been together for almost 8 months now. He says he's open to it, wants to learn more about it, wants to learn the language, eat our food, etc. But I feel like he's just saying all that stuff to be with me. And I honestly feel that if he isn't open with it, it'll almost ruin our relationship. I'm very close to my family and it hurts if he's not into it. I was also married for two years to a white guy. And he was close minded about it all. And I can say that part of our divorce was because of that.
How do you deal with it?