Measuring 2 weeks behind? Will lose the baby?


So, I had my first ultrasound today at 8 weeks 1 day. They told me I probably don't have a viable baby. The yolk sac is still visible and very large (big hallow circle). The baby is very small (little white circle to the right of the yolk sac). I measuring 2 weeks behind. There is a heart beat (115 bpm). They told me it's not looking good and probably won't be a viable baby. Has anyone gone through this?  Any positive outcomes?  I'm basically sitting here waiting to miscarry...

UPDATE: I had blood drawn on Friday and Monday. My HCG levels support 6 weeks. My levels did increase between days, but only a little bit and not as much as I'm supposed to. More bad but good news. Ultrasound tomorrow to gauge growth. Fingers crossed!