having a work husband cheating

Okay I just need to kind of vent please do not be rude. So I'm in  a 2 year relationship with my boyfriend whom I truly love and want to be with forever. In the past if caught him cheating with his ex but I have finally gotten over it and now fully trust him again and we have been doin a lot better. So lately there's this new guy that stated working at my work and he's been flirting with me a lot we added each other on fb Ig and snap chat he snapchats me all the time and compliments me even brings me stuff randomly like he gave me fruit 2days in a row and kept asking to go to lunch together I have been noticing that I'm not really flirting back but I'm also not stopping him from doing I have developed a crush on him and I actually enjoy talking to him and hoping that I see him around work to talk to him he's in a relationship too I feel horrible because I know what I'm doing is wrong because I'm developing a Crush on him and I can't help there's a part of me that wants to stop  in fear of losing my boyfriend but another part of me really wants him  I just wonder if anyone has been stuck in my Situation before 😔