Freaking out about telling me parents

I'm unofficially 6w4d along (can't see the doc until March 27th) and I'm trying to find the best time/way to tell my parents. I live with them while I finish up my masters degree in Ohio while my boyfriend is stationed in North Carolina. Clearly we aren't married and the timing of the baby will make it close to impossible to have a career started before the little one comes. I have two brothers and I have always felt like I was held to a higher standard and was punished greater if I didn't meet those standards. Well I'm visiting my bf now and want to tell my parents sooner rather than later (my mom will be out of town for 2 weeks when I get home) so we are thinking about facetiming them tomorrow to break the news. I'm absolutely terrified of my dads disappointed reaction. I know this baby will be a blessing and I want to be so excited for him/her but right now I'm just feeling anxiety and fear about the reactions from my parents and others for not being married first and doing it "the right way." Anyone else going through something like this? Anywho... Sorry for the novel but this site has been a gift from God and it truly does help just voicing concerns!