Just a Little Thank You (apologies if this post doesn't belong here)

After 10 months TTC I was beginning to lose a bit of hope. Obsessing over every sign and symptom and starting to think something could be wrong (you know what us women are like letting our minds run wild!) But today we got our BFP.
I just wanted to thank you ladies for the honest support you have given and sharing you experiences too. You really put my mind at ease at times!
In terms of my experience, I didn't do anything differently this month. It was my 2nd month using the Clear Blue Advanced Fertility Monitor which I would highly recommend but I didn't exercise like I have been, ate exactly what I wanted and consumed about 4 cups of coffee a day. I tried to just act normally as I had read somewhere that if you make lots of your life style changes you body senses it goes a bit out of whack. 
Other than a bit of back ache yesterday I haven't had any other symptoms at all!
Keep going ladies! It will happen to you too and it's an even sweeter feeling when you know you have tried so hard😘🎀 xx