gestational diabetes

GD  has been mainly a pain due to the fact that I have to prick my finger 4 times a day, but other than that it really hasn't been bad.Actually  I am healthier now than I was before I got pregnant! Lol. I try to eat every 2 hrs with high protein and my numbers have always been good. My Dr. didn't even refer me to a dietician because my numbers were so good. I have added slight exercise to my day which has been nice because i feel stronger and helps with my sugars. I have been allowing myself a few treats here and there and surprisingly hasn't raised my sugars astronomically. Last night after dinner I had one of those drumstick ice cream cones and it didn't raise my sugar really at all and then this morning my fasting number was 78! Lowest it has been! (Been averaging low to mid 80's) Just wanted to share a little bit of my story to help any of you other ladies out dealing with this. We can get through this! And as long as we have happy healthy babies it is all sooooo worth it!