Am I wrong

So this morning, my mother decided to get on my case about the light and water bill. Let me give u a background on my life. I am the middle child of 3. Yes I do get the middle child syndrome lol. So it's like every once and a while, she gets on my case about it. Literally, I'm barely home I work about 50 hours a week, and I'm in school twice a week and that includes saturday morning classes. She's always saying that I'm selfish, I DNT appreciate anything, and that I will never have anything of my own bc I like to ride the coat tail of everyone else's. I'm 27 I have my own car that I pay for and is under my name. I'm pretty much paying for my schooling, am I wrong to say I rather be broke with no money then to ever ask my mothers help Bc she makes it seem like I'm using up all her money. I think this year is the year that I start apartment hunting, my goal was to finish school move out with a career under my belt. Idk any advice would be good advice, or else I might just move and not really speak to her again and I have already vowed to walk at graduation Bc I dnt want anyone to rip the success of my schooling like they helped me along the way...../