Feeling so miserable 😢

Renae • 💙 '09....💙 '11....💔 '14.... 💔 '14....💔 '15....💔 '16....💔 '17....💜 12/12/17

I'm currently 9wks2days and today ive just felt so miserable. I know I should be so very thankful being pregnant again after so many losses but I can't let my self feel happy or excited just yet and its really getting to me. Not only that but ive been extremely sick all day type sickness as well as very constipated from being on low dose aspirin and progesterone. I can't quiet explain it to my hubby as he doesn't seem to understand so I thought id type it here.

Any other mummas dealing with these feelings?! I know I'm not the only one but it's hard to speak up to others about it.

If you can help me shed the vail of misery that would be forever helpful xxx