My May baby has arrived!

First, we didn't find out what we were having!Early labor started wednesday night, got no sleep... Went to the doctor Thursday for my cheek up and was at a 2.5 with 80%. She stretched my membrane and advised i not return to work. Active labor started at 5 pm. I planned on all natural birth, but after laboring for 6 hours and only making it to a 5 on no sleep i broke down and got the epidural. I was able to get some sleep, and baby was born after 30 min of pushing Friday morning at 758 am! 19.5 inches, 7pounds 15 oz. Pure perfection!! Latched on like a champ after an hour, and scores on apgar were 8 and 9! We are completly in love and her cousin can't get enough of her! Meet little Viola June Marie. :)