husband has changed

I'm posting anonymously in the chance of someone knowing me because this is frustrating and embarrassing. 7 months pregnant and it has basically been an nightmare. My husband has treated me terribly during the whole thing.  I don't know if he is nervous or trying to get it out of his system but I'm about fed up. He has lots of hobbies and free time to do what he wants when he wants and he does it. We never get alone time anymore, and when I talk to him about it I'm the bad guy. And it usually ends with me crying and him saying "here we go..."'or something along those lines.  So now I'm to the point where I don't even wanna talk to him bc it ends in a fight. We were best friends and did everything together constantly. I guess I'm just feeling like I've lost my best friend and I'm feeling lonely. This entire pregnancy has been lonely. but I guess I'm just wondering if anyone's SO changed after becoming pregnant, by going out a few times a week with friends or doing all these extra activities? And how to deal with it? I just hope he's normal again when baby arrives :(