a poem I wrote about my depression


It doesn't know skin color

It doesn't know social status

It doesn't care if you're male or female

It doesn't care what country you live in

It doesn't care about your annual income

It doesn't ask to be invited in

It doesn't know when enough is enough 

It doesn't care if it's morning or night 

It will suffocate you

It will bestow itself inside you and fester

It will sit for a day or a lifetime 

It will combat medications

It will exhaust you in every way

It will make you think unhealthy thoughts

It will make you feel completely alone

It will leave you shattered 

It will leave you in despair

It will make you contemplate things

It attacks relentlessly

It creeps in slowly or quickly

It never wants to leave

It finds ways around the walls

It changes you inside and out 

It wants to destroy you

It can destroy you

It has destroyed me...