obsession over skin color

Sarah • Mommy to my 👸 . Baby girl #2 due Oct 1st.
So this post is basically a MIL rant. I am indian and we Indians are obsessed with fair skin for some reason. If you are dark skinned you are not considered pretty (yes for real). So my husband and his family are on the fairer side and I am more brown I would say. This never sat well with my MIL. Last year she came to stay with us and on different ocassions told me that her friends and family were very upset with our wedding (our marriage was not arranged thank god) because of my looks and people still keep telling her that she must choose a pretty bride for her younger son who is at least fair. She has even brought this up with my parents which makes me so mad. Its like basically telling someone your kid is not good looking. I told this to my husband and he basically said nothing to her in fact told me to forget it. I know I am not the prettiest chick on the block but Honest to god I have never felt ugly a day in my life. I hate that she makes me feel this way. What I hate more is that my husband is so nonchalant about it. Some times I regret marrying a Mama's boy. She keeps telling me that she wants to make sure she chooses a really beautiful girl for her younger son so that people dont taunt her 
This pic is from our wedding day