When to announce?

My best friend didn't announce her second until 14 weeks. she insisted that this was going to keep her from feeling the pain of jinxing it and having a miscarriage. I guess her advising me to not announce my pregnancy or plan anything until at least 12 weeks was her way of protecting me from heartache. You see, this is my second baby, but I have miscarried twice trying to conceive my second child. I did not announce the babies I lost, so it was a lonely, painful experience. I did work up the courage to announce the last Miscarriage and I hated hearing "I am sorry" I felt so broken. Even typing this I feel inferior as a woman by admitting I had two miscarriages. Unfortunately I cannot afford to be superstitious this time. Family already knows and a few close friends know. Have I already jinxed it?! I am only six weeks. I am worried the next ultrasound will reveal another dead embryo. Is this something I should have just been quiet about. I am lost. 😢