Baby shower

We just had a baby shower in October for our son. We lost him the day after, and to help pay for the cost of everything, and to help with bills, we took back/sold what we had got. I wasn't sure if people would find that rude. But we did what we had to do to make it. Now, 5 months after that, we found out we were pregnant again. We weren't trying for another one. We were still getting over the loss of our son. But I just recently found out through blood test, that we are expecting a girl. My question is, is it greedy or rude of me to have another baby shower? Should I go without one since we just had one last year? I feel weird about it. My sister said that we should still have one. and that everyone understood what happened with the last, but I still feel like people might judge, or not come because we had one not too long ago. What are your thoughts?