Michelle • Married and first time mommy!
I just want to dedicate this post to my husband. 
I see a lot of woman on here talk so negative about their husbands and it makes me so angry. I could never talk down about my husband, even if he did make a mistake. 
My husband has done so much for me since we found out I was pregnant. I got really sick for 3 weeks. I threw up every 5 minutes and every time I tried eating, I'd throw it up too. I could never fall asleep and I was always laying on my couch in pain. He would sit at my feet and watch to make sure I was doing ohkay, he changed the trash can for me all the time and cleaned up any vomit that didn't make it into the trash. If I said I wanted something he'd drive to the store and get it. He was there for me for anything. I went through this phase where I hated my vitimans and fought taking them because of how sick I was for 3 months. He was always on top of me about taking them and wouldn't leave me alone until I took them. I now take them no problem everyday thanks to him. He's just been really good and supportive through out this whole pregnancy and  it makes me love him more and more.