Miscarriage sadness

At 16 weeks exactly, I found out there was no heartbeat. When they measured the baby, they told me it was the size of a 12 week fetus, which means the heart had stopped beating just after my last appointment and I had gone almost 1 month thinking, believing and telling people I was pregnant. I feel like such a fool. This is after a year of IVF, I did an FET with a 5ab, that we tested twice for any genetic abnormalities and just am so lost when it comes to why. Why a 5ab 6 day FET with no genetic abnormalities would survive to 12 weeks and then suddenly just have their heart stop beating. I can't help but to blame myself even though deep down I know it's out of my control. I have a d&c tomorrow and am hoping it brings more closure than more pain. I have told pretty much everyone I know, I feel so ashamed and sad, how will I ever face everyone or be able to talk about it with out crying?