Splitting the bill


I don't really care if I sound cheap because I think I'm financially in a good place and responsible.

I live in a big city and everyone I know is just cool with splitting the bill down the middle. Usually I'm fine with it because the halves are pretty much the same except when I dine with my family. They always want to go out to fancy places ALL THE DAMN TIME and split the bill. They're also always harping on me for not traveling as much as they do and basically implying I'm cheap or not as well off. Totally fine with me. What gets me is that they always pick these expensive places, get the most expensive meal, several drinks and they want to split the bill. Yesterday my total meal was $20 but I paid $80 because they split the bill. Wtf, right? Even when I pointed it out they basically said they'd by me a drink when we met with friends at a bar. I'm pregnant....

I hate splitting the bill.