How long after ER does pain and discomfort go away??

Epee • All about God`s timing...
Hi Ladies,
I had my ER on thursday (3 days ago) and on the first day, i had no pains at all, just nausea and vomiting from the meds before ER but since the day after, i have had this really bad pain on my left side. The bloating is somewhat really reduced and not bad, the gas pains have reduced but the pain is really getting me worried. I am worried because I am scheduled for transfer today!!!!! How can I go ahead even with this pain? Will the doctor still go ahead? What experience do you ladies have on this issue please? Im really confused. Been taking paracetamol and using hot water bottles.
UPDATE: I feel soooo much better now. No pain in hours and Im standing up straight now. Just took a hot shower and heading for my transfer!! Whoop Whoop!!! Praying all this pain is worth it! I feel good! Will keep you all posted 😊