OPK help please!!

Madison • 27 & Married. TTC#1 with Endo and PCOS
I've posted a similar question recently about this but now I'm even more confused and need help please. My first 3 cycles TTC after being off BCP I used only Clearblue advanced digital and got solid smileys on cd12-14. Cycle 4 I used wondfo strips to save $$ and never got a positive (gave up after day 18). This cycle (5) I decided to use both to compare results. I've gotten 3 days of flashing smileys (high fertility) but my wonfo strips look the same or lighter as days go on. I would think "high fertility" would show a progressively darker line on the strips. Am I wrong to think this? I'm so frustrated and makes me wonder 1) the accuracy of either of these and if one is maybe not accurate. Or 2) I'm not ovulating and maybe even haven't been in the past either?
I wish I could bbt but I work night shift so I can't. I'm so frustrated!!