Husband chews tobacco. Trying for third baby. Success stories?

Britney • I am a mother of two boys, ages 2 and 4. I`ve been married for 6 years to a wonderful man that I`m lucky to call mine! TTC baby 3 for 15 cycles and one cycle of clomid!
My husband has chewed off an on the whole time we've been together for 9 years. But he wasn't doing it when we conceived our first two boys. Now we are trying for our third and it's been almost a year and I'm wondering if it's because of the tobacco. I know it can lower sperm count and my hubby has had spermatoceles removed in the past so we aren't even sure one of his members even works but we managed to conceive our boys with possibly just one in working order. 
I'm wanting to hear some success stories of people who have S/O's that chew tobacco and still conceived.