To my young sisters out there!

Chynna • Mama bear 🐻
So today I found an old profile of myself when I was still in high school. On the website you asked questions to guys and they answer and vice versa. I read through all of my old questions, and it took me through a few different places in my life. Bottom line is girls, don't settle and don't sell yourself short. Life is abundant and will have many more opportunities to find friends and to find love. At those times in my life I figured oh, I'll never get through this. This is too much. I love him I should forgive him. But no! I wish I would have waited for sex and saved myself many headaches. This isn't a post to talk about not having sex or doing what you want. But all I'm saying is that you will get through this part of life. Focus on you and your dreams. If something doesn't feel right speak up and fix that shit! Or get rid of it if necessary. Don't spend any more time wasting away with thoughts And not taking action. I'm still young myself and have many more years to go. But I want to encourage you and myself that we can make it. 😊