am i pregnant?

it's very difficult me to get a pregnancy test and my parents would freak out (most definitely). i have three different <a href="">period apps</a> and one says im late for one day and the other two have my period coming up in the next few days. i had sex starting without the condom (then i freaked out) so he put one on to finish and i know it didn't break or anything because i checked afterward and i was fine. i've been having normal PMS symptoms (cramps, bloating, tiredness), but my period isn't usually late on one or the apps so i'm stressed about it and not sure what to think or do.  
i've researched online on what type of discharge and i've had light clear/egg white like before a period and not normal thick pregnancy discharge, nor have my nipples darkened at all as a side effect. am i pregnant or really stressing out for nothing?