DH having performance issue!

T2 • 37 TTC# 2! Have one beautiful happy 13 Months Baby Girl!
Hello Ladies! We are ttc for 5 cycles now and since last cycle my DH is having performance issues! Sometimes he just can't get the erection and sometimes he is losing his hard during BD! He has been stressed with with whole baby making process and I decided not to share my days or O timing this cycle! Unfortunately it is still not helping! He usually has low-medium sex drive but this ttc is making it worse! I have tried setting up the mood by putting on some sexy lingeries, porns, music, you name it! I'm am not sure at this point what to do next! I even told him that we can take a break from ttc if that helps but so far it's not helping much! Any ideas or advices you ladies have for me on this? I am helpless here 😔 and not sure what else i can do! Today is my peak day and I'm not sure what can i do to guarantee BD tonight without stressing him out!