To marry or not ?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years now. We both have emotionally cheated on each other once. I did it first around 2015, I was texting this guy.
Then my boyfriend and I became pregnant with our first baby on April 2016. He cheated on me through out my pregnancy (I found out when I was 38 weeks pregnant.) He told me he did it because he wanted revenge.
Fast forward to 2017. We have been trying to work our relationship out, we want to be a family. We both have trust issues. My boyfriend has gotten a really good job, has been talking about marriage. He keeps telling me he has a plan. He wants to propose. That he has been saving up for a ring.
But I honestly don't know if I'm ready for marriage. I really don't know how to tell him. There's days that I don't know how I truly feel about him. I need advice.. 😞