Body Count

How come when a male say he has over 10 body counts he's the man. But when a female has over 10 "oh that b**** a thot" or a Hoe. It's really crazy to me. How come a female can't like, want, and get sex just like males? Now I myself have over 10 (all used protection when ever we got it on lol) I have a very high sex drive but to ME I think the reason my body count is more than 10 is because I was sexually mistreated at the age of 13, which caused me to act sexually than to not, I never had a father figure so I went out and basically tried to find me a "father" well just someone to love me but it went a different direction. Trust me I feel like a hoe for having more than 10 or w.e I hate myself every single day because of it. So please don't judge me or anything