Has anyone been successful through Chinese medicine?

Karen • Pregnant after our 3rd transfer! After two failed transfers (1 fresh and 1 frozen), we did another round of egg retrieval to PGS the embryos and we did 2 ERAs. We found out we needed another day of progesterone before transferring!
I've been seeing a doctor through Chinese medicine for two months now and have been TTC for about 10 months. No luck right now. It's getting quite expensive with Chinese medicine and I'm not sure in it's effectiveness. It will be around $90 USD per week to see the doctor and get medicine. I'm trying to regulate my periods through the medicine. The first month, I had a 30 day cycle which was great but my second month, I'm on CD48 with no period yet. I tested last Monday but it was negative and I will test again next weekend. I want to be patient and see if my period comes soon before a disappointing test. So what are your experiences with TCM?