Heavy Bleeding 14wks

This morning at 3:30 I was awaken by a pool of blood in my underwear. I immediately got up and went to the bathroom where it continued to pour out of me. I just had my 14 week checkup the day before and everything was perfect. I was sick to my stomach thinking the worst. I yelled for my husband who ran in and took over. He got me changed and dressed to head to the ER. I was an emotional wreck! I bled through an entire pad on the way there which is only a 30 minute drive. The nurse checked for a heartbeat which seemed to take forever. Finally she did find it and it was 163bmp. They took an ultrasound as well. My little girl was moving all around. She was beautiful! This made me feel a lot better knowing she was healthy and very active. They finally did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was still closed. As scary as this all was I was happy to know nothing serious was wrong. I do have another in depth ultrasound tomorrow to check out my placenta and see if they can find a reason for all the bleeding. What a morning!!!