Another opk post from a newbie to opks

Clarissa • .
Ill start this off with, i dont have periods often...which is why this confusion is worse. Im a year off depo and my periods are sporadic. Its been 10/11 weeks since my last one. I had what would be described as fertile ewcm the day before yesterday on March 8th...but it was late and i had already peed so i couldnt do a opk. We BD anyways. I did one yesterday and it was negative (the top one in the picture) and the bottom is from just now...does it seem like a normal negative as well or am i maybe getting closer? I dont feel dry now, but i dont have the abundance of ewcm like i noticed on the you think i maybe ovulated the 8th and i missed it? I work A LOT so its just hard to keep up. Any input would be appreciated.