Very upset

Ashley • Mommy of 5 beautiful children. Kaylee-7, Caleb-5, Corissa-4, Kenzie-Ann-17 months and Gabriella 15 weeks
Well ladies I need stories or advice please. I just had a blood test don't after missing my period. They told me it could be because I had a miscarriage in December and a D&C in jan, but the weird things is I got my period in February and not this month which was to come the 8,9 and today but never came. So I am just upset to the fact that I never miss and I ha it last month and wa hoping to conceive this month but looks like that won't happen for me. They say if I don't get my period in a couple of weeks to call them and they will start me on something to get my period back. Is there anything I can do. Thank you