Only 3 ppl came to my baby shower 😢💔

......and my host backed out on me.
My bestfriend who I've known since 7th grade messaged me months ago asking me if she can throw me my babyshower but telling me she's not got a lot of money to spend. I told her that it's fine I'd love for her to do it and that dollar tree party stuff was cool by me. Her mother then messaged me telling me to send me ideas of stuff I liked and who I wanted to order the cake through because she was helping my friend with my baby shower. I offered my help to her and was told not to worry about it that it was my shower and they will do it all. I was honestly relieved as I had just lost my dad in April and have a slightly collapsed lung as of right now so I didn't need the extra stress. Last Thursday I asked my friend about what all she had planned and if I could do anything. She said she couldn't afford to do anything but the supplies and that her mom could only buy the cake, and that me and my husband would have to do the rest as far as food etc . No biggie I agreed and told her that was fine. The day before my shower she messaged me again stating she doesn't have anymore money for this shower and wanted to know if I was ordering food etc! At that point I was honestly tired of hearing that she was unable to do anything even after I had already agreed to pay for food and the venue so I told her I didn't want to trouble her or her mom and not to worry about anything else and I'd be happy to give her the money back on the items and just pay for it all myself. She replied stating that she believes I'm right and that she would also not be doing the shower and not be there as well because she will be unavailable. She told me she would drop the supplies off at the venue for me to have (but she didn't) I went and paid for the cake that was ordered $40.00 and went to dollar tree and spent $8.78 on all the supplies.... so because I had several ppl say they were coming I went ahead and did all this because it was the day of my shower and I hated to cancel it because they backed out on me. My husband and I set the party up at 4 and waited for guests to arrive... finally at 5:30 my cousin and her bf showed up and then my sister showed up... 6pm rolls around and no one else has called or texted and no one else came. My heart was broken and I was totally ready to just get out of there. I settled the tab for all the food that was ordered and packed up and left 30 mins before the party was to end. Needless to say I've fallen into a depression that I just can't seem to shake. My own mother didn't show up and none of my husbands friends or family came. :'( 
I want to say thank you to all of you who have responded and talked to me. I don't have many friends as it is and I feel like sharing my story and having all you ladies respond gave me something to look forward too. I hope I've gotten to respond to everyone and of not I definitely will. As of Friday the 26th I have been put as a high risk and have been nesting and trying to rest as much as I can. I also want to say that I'm not a selfish person at all and wouldn't expect anyone to buy any of my kids a gift (which honestly doesn't happen) we don't even throw huge parties for my kids. We usually take them to the park or somewhere to celebrate like a bounce house place etc. I didn't want to throw the shower but I did because of all the rsvp's and because I felt like I really needed to have some friends and family around after losing my dad (stepfather who raised me since I was 2) this past April. My husband and I usually are the ones to buy anything for our girls and that's okay. Thank you again for all your kind words and I am also sorry to the ones who have had to endure that same kind of treatment.