23 week check-up

Monica • 🇵🇹Juliette.Nicholas.Malia🇵🇭

I just had my check-up done this morning and everything was looking good but my doctor mentioned that my baby was still pretty low. That was actually my main concern for him today because when she kicks around, she's kicking so low it's like a little foot is gonna pop out of me lol.

Anyway, he said that my placenta was still low and that my baby is measuring bigger than where I'm at. So now I'm stuck with no sex (boooo!) and monthly ultrasounds until baby girl is here. He also said that if I have any bleeding, cramping or pain to go to the er. Of course, now I'm worried, since in the 5th week, I had to go to the er for a threatened miscarriage. I'm trying not to freak but I'm freaking lol

Did anyone else go through the same and how was the outcome??