So scary..

Well I got to experience real labour today. Tuesday night around 9 I started puking and #2 bad. I had the gastro virus. Was up all night with maybe an hour of sleep total. I was suppose to go to a Dr apt the next morning but they told me I had to go right into triage even thou I couldn't leave the toilet :( mom had to come and get me and we just left the hospital at 5pm. Was there since 10am.  The contractions were painful and caused by dehydration. They hooked me up to an iv and had to give me Tylenol and potassium. Contractions were 2-3 min apart lasting 1 min-1.5 min and very strong. Once they hooked me up I was much better but had to stay as my temp spiked.  They didn't want to let me give birth because I was sooo sick and had a fever. They would have had to take her away right away. :( let her cook a little longer lol. Feeling much better today. Got 14 hours of sleep last night. Guess it was needed.