Want to punch someone

So me and the bf have gone through some ups and downs, close to breaking up a few times, had to take a break from each other to figure out what we really wanted.

Anyways, he was seeing another girl for a while and then we got back together, he said he stopped talking to her.

New years comes around and I see a post on her Facebook saying how her and my bf went for a road trip... so of course I got pissed, he said he wasn't with her, he was with his guy friends that night, I didn't believe him so I asked her and she said he was her bf... umm ok what? Then she blocked my profile on fb. Anyways me and the guy fight over it, he sticks with that it didn't happen... anyways two months later and she has another profile picture up yesterday... of herself in my living room, so now I'm like Wtf? ?? Seriously, he says it must be an old picture that he hasn't talked to her in ages, I can't tell, but there is a red jacket on the couch... One that's been in the closet for a while, but has recently been brought out.. In the last few days.

So now I'm angry, confused and back to being insecure, so I got myself a library card, eff real life drama, I'm going to lose myself in fantasy.