First miscarriage

Found out last Tuesday via HPT that I was pregnant, came a quiet the shock seeing as how we had been "not trying yet not preventing" for about 7 mo. And nothing happening. It was our first and we were certainly not prepared as we just moved to s new city, new house, new jobs, no support system yet. Sounds silly, I know but caught us off guard. Woke up Saturday morning to cramps and a couple of hours later light bleeding. Decided to go to urgent care and as I was getting results to go bleeding became more moderate. Long story short, after 4.5 hours in urgent care they said I lost it. Was only 5 weeks along, and only knew about it for a couple of days but feeling very devastated. I almost feel guilty because it is somethinu husband and I have talked about and wanted for a few years now, but I think our stress levels from the move and knowing all of the things we have to do in our new house kept us from being excited. As much as I want to start actually "trying" right away, the other part of me is afraid stress from the to do list may cause another miscarriage. Doctors said everything is perfectly healthy and normal with me, but this opens up a new can of worms for my husband as his family has history of not being able to conceive (able to get pregnant but losing it early on) on the male side of things. 
I am feeling very overwhelmed right now, any suggestions?