Trying not to give up !

Jenn • Have a 18 year old son and Ttc for # 2 been ttc for 5 years
My husband and I have been Ttc for almost 2 years, but recently I have been getting into writing down on my calender my ovulation dates so my husband can seen them and know when our week of fun will begin, with out me saying hey guess what I'm ovulateing ... We stopped for a while cause it's wasn't fun anymore ! And we wanted not to worrie about it and leave it to when it happens it will happen ... Don't think about it and will happend ... But dreams of a baby's whould come in to play again people very close to me having baby's and baby fever kicked back in high gear .... But my issue is. I'm in ovulation now and I have no drive to have sex. Could it because I'm scared of another neg test ? ... Man not sure what to do .I have a great husband, very understanding does any body else get this way just?