Day 3 testing FSH results

Jenny • Late 20's. TTC #1 Recovering from 2nd miscarriage at 6-7 weeks.
Hi All,
My husband and I (both 29 and healthy) have been trying to concieve for a little over a year with no luck (1 very early miscarriage). 
We finally went to see a fertility specialist and are in the process of getting our initial testing done.
I completed my Day 3 testing yesterday. The results fell within the normal ranges but I am concerned my FSH is 9.5. Should I be concerned about that? Or is that normal for someone my age? It falls under "borderline ovararian function" but they still said it's normal.
I have the HSG test for next week and my husband is also doing his testing then.
Hope we can solve this soon -- it's starting to get pretty frustrating since nothing seems to be wrong on the surface. Thanks!