Marriage question

Tiffany • Christian. Mother of 3. 3 living and 1 angel. 8 years together married 5.
I'm having a real hard time being happy. I am happy when he's not around, but when he gets home and it's the same thing everyday, no talking, always bickering, phone in his face, and always having bad attitude I just can't stand it. 
Every time we talk it goes no where.
I'm more happy thinking about when I was single and/ or the beginning of our realationship then I am now. 
We have 2 kids and 1 on the way. I know marriages have there days but it's been years with no change. 
When I was working I had so much fun talking to the guys at my work they were just always happy and cracking jokes, nothing inappropriate I felt like one of the guys, I just felt like they enjoyed my company. And they started convos, and with my husband he just does nothing, and it's hard to stay in a good mood when I constantly feel alone, and anything I say or do isn't funny or important. He laughs more at his phone then he does with me. Any suggestions?