Need to talk to someone.. TTC/Spotting

So my hubby and I been ttc for almost 3 months now. My last period started 2/11.. It's around a 30day cycle. 
On 2/26 and 2/27 I got a positive ovulation test. We "tried" every other day starting our fertile window per Glow.. And continued for a few days after. 
On 3/4 I started getting mild nausea daily at diff times. Sat 3/7 I was dizzy and really nauseous.  Sun 3/8 I had mild cramping for a few hours.. And now All week I've been feeling crampy but not menstrual crampy, including bloating and lower back pain ALLL week.. I got excited thinking everything pointed to being pregnant.. so today 3/12 I took a pregnancy test and it said negative 😔. When I wiped there was very light amount of brown spotting. So now I don't know what to think. 
Any ideas or similar experiances?
Thank you ☺️