Just the plain old facts

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I keep seeing posts (not referring to any in particular.) But it seems that a lot of odd information in floating around on the use of marijuana in pregnancy.

I have done a mass amount of research and I will only list risks that are true. Also I will reference my information. I cannot remember all the books I have read but I will try to find corresponding internet links. I highly doubt too many would read the books anyway.


Woman: It can make cycle inconsistent.

Men: It has been proven that it can cause sperm abnormalities. It is 'thought' that it can reduce sperm quality and lower testosterone levels.


- Marijuana passes to the placenta regardless of the way you take it in.

- When smoked it disrupts oxygen and nutrient delivery to baby. This can cause growth restrictions.

- Can cause miscarriage.

- Risks premature birth.

- Can cause stillbirth.

Baby after birth: (can cause)

- Delayed breathing at birth.

- Low birth weight.

- Tremors.

- Poor eye sight.

- Ventricular septal defect

- Features similar to that of children with FASD.

- Poor ability to adapt to new environments.

First 6 months:

- Increase in chest infections.

- Breathing problems.

- Greater risk of developing asthma.

- SIDS (risk continues).

After that age:

- Shorter length of play.

- Poor verbal, memory and reasoning ability.

- Lower ability in motor skills.

- Trouble attaching in relationships.

- More likely to be inattentive, delinquent, hyperactive and fearful.

- Depression and conduct problems.

- Increase in childhood cancers.

I'm out of time but I will come back and give the references tonight if you want to check back