Head cold during the 2WW?

Carole • 🌸💕
Hi ladies, I was just wondering if anyone else got a head cold/the flu/sick during their 2WW? 
I'm about 7-8 DPO (TTC for #1) and from 3 DPO on I've had head cold symptoms. It started with a scratchy throat in the morning and it would disappear by the late afternoon, then be back in the morning. 6 DPO was the scratchy throat, stuffy nose, & ache in the right hip which would also start in the morning & go away by mid-afternoon. Now at about 8 DPO it's like a full blown head cold. Is this going to ruin my chances? AF isn't due until March 19th. Is this a god sign for a BFP? Let me know! Thanks gals!