Marriage? :/ help.


So, my whole life I've always said I'd never get married. I've been sort of a cynic and I don't believe I need it to have a happy and healthy and committed relationship. Infact, I got kicked out of my health class my senior year and almost failed it because I told the teacher you don't have to be married to have kids and be committed. (He then told me to go to the office for "disrupting class, gave me detention, and told me I was no longer welcome back into his class until I wrote a formal apology and stood in front of the class and admitted I was wrong and he was right.) So anyways, I've never been like other girls, waiting for my wedding.

My current boyfriend is aware of my views and agrees that you don't NEED a marriage. He wants one, however. He's told me he wants to someday propose to me (in the far future.) And I've never wanted to get married and he knows that. But I think that's just because I'm stubborn and want to prove to everyone that I don't need to. But the truth is, since I've been with him, I've kinda grown to like the idea.... I don't know if I should tell him my feelings have changed or wait and see if he just decides to give it a shot or what. Sorry it's so long. I have so many feelings. Help.