Miserable so far. Pregnancy isn't what I expected. :(


Hey all,

Having a pretty tough time. I'm currently 6 wk 6 days, calculated by ultrasound and hcg. I've been struck with cramps to the point that I am woken up multiple times per night and bent over hugging a pillow on the stool (tmi sorry). Between Tylenol and breathing I'm able to get though them usually in 30-45 mins. Also, for the past week I've been introduced to morning sickness (and afternoon, and evening). My Dr prescribed Diclegis and I've been taking it for 2 days now. It might be helping, but then the cramps just step in. Between the 2 symptoms I feel like I can't get any relief and haven't slept an entire night through in more than 3 weeks. I know this will pass eventually (hopefully) but I can't help but feel disappointed in what I thought pregnancy would be so far. It's really got me down. :( anyone else going though this??