Boys and birth control

My SO was dropped off about an hour ago, drunk. I gave him something to eat, bathed him and we went to bed, but tonight he wanted to sleep on my side so he could look at the stars. When we got settled I heard something crunching coming from him so when I got the lights on I could see he had eaten one of my old bcps. When i screamed at him he said he didnt want to get pregnant... 😐 anyway i forced him to let me in his mouth so I could get as much as I could out but he'd swallowed a lot of it. I tried to make him get up so we could go to the hospital but he's 190lbs, all muscle and I'm 140 so when he said he wasn't going, he wasn't going. Instead I called the hospital and the doctor said he'd be perfectly fine but if anything changes bring him in. Nothing had changed, he's sleeping but I think I'm going to call my dad and brother to help get him to go. Should I or am I overreating?

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