Just needing to vent...

Today sucked! 
 I've been TTC for about 7 months. Today was the day that I finally felt all of the classic symptoms of being pregnant (and I have been for a little over a week) but of course with PCOS you have to pull yourself down to reality quickly and not let yourself too excited...like that ever works. 
I run out to get tests and of course can't wait till the morning.
 So at 11:00 at night I'm rushing into the bathroom to pee on this plastic stick that I keep telling myself is going to be a BFN but deep down I'm hoping for the BFP! So frustrating to pick up that test to see the BFN that you were hoping it wasn't going to be this time. 
 I now can't stop crying...feeling incredibly defeated and frustrated. So many emotions because I let myself too excited. Such strong girls in this community and I just feel like giving up! 😭